When you click on 'Submitted Forms' this pops up:

If you need to review, delete, or change the status of any report, click on: ‘Submitted Forms.’

When you view Submitted Forms, the management portal filters the list to search for a particular form or group of forms for particular identification or keywords.  You can also edit the status of any Submitted Form.

When you select any particular Form, you can use the facility to choose an appropriate action for that form.

To choose any Form, click on the Title or ID and that Form will load into your screen.  The Form will be in an Edit mode, which allows you to edit and change any of the data.  Once finished, the system will ask if you want the Form to be saved into the system.  

With the Edit mode, you can export the form to another location either in CSV or XML format.

Another option allows you to review the Report generated from that Form.  The ‘Section Tools’ has detailed methods for generating and customising Reports.

The generated Report is available for download in PDF format to another location.