When you click either the Green ‘+New Job’ tab from the ‘View Jobs’ display or the ‘+New Job’ from the ‘Jobs’ menu on the Dashboard, a new screen will come on that allows you, the administrator, to detail and assign a new job to an Agent.  Initially the Status of the New Job will show ‘Creating.’

You will then see a list of licensed Forms from which you can choose one or more Forms as required.  If you select more than one Form, a combination of both Forms will be shown for the administrator to prepare.  You can add in the Title of the New Job plus any additional notes your Agents will need.

Using the select arrow, you can assign the New Job to one of your agent. Add more details such as the Due Date and Due Time by clicking inside the appropriate test box.

In preparation of the New Job, you can fill in the fields that are common to the selected Forms.  You can also fill in any other information such as Customer Name, contact details, location, etc.  Once you are done filling in the New Job form, assign it to one of your Agents.  When you are done, click Save.  The Status of the New Job will then change into ‘Assigned.’

Remember, the only place where you can alter the status of a Job is in Submitted Forms, which your Agents do not have access to.