The integrated Job Dispatcher has been enhanced with some great new features to assist in communication and efficiencies between the office and field users.

Job Dispatch Enhancements :

1. Notifications

A Job Notification is now presented to Field Users on their mobile device when they have been sent a new Job via the Job Dispatcher. The notification alert can also provide details of the Job.

The notification can also be used to send instant Short Messages to Field Users.

2. Priority Settings & Colors for Jobs

Although Jobs are displayed by appointment time chronologically, a new colour scheme has been added to emphasize priority or importance around the Jobs dispatched.

Colour coding enables priorities to be understood at a glance.

White - Standard Priority

Light Red - Medium Priority

Red - High Priority

3. Integrated Maps & Directions

When a Job is received by the Field User, it will now include a map with the Job Location marked and the suggested route from their current location to the Job. A simple click through to the Map will provide step by directions to the location.