Other Developments include:

1. De-sensitizing Photo Function

When scrolling through a form, it was quite easy to inadvertently open the camera feature by accidentally touching it. We have now de-sensitized the button so that it now needs a more deliberate touch to activate.

2. Enhanced Time & Date Stamping Photos

Although this has always been possible to time and date stamp photos in relation to the form creation fields or by manual entry, time date and stamping is now automatically included and linked to the camera action itself. This provides much more specific time and date stamping and provides more accuracy for forms that for example are completed over an extended period of time.

3. Enhanced GPS stamping

The “Fetch” option automatically grabs the GPS position and converts to street address to assist in the efficiency of completing forms. Due to client requests, we now include the GPS co-ordinates under the address and then enable these co-ordinates to be auto-populated into reports where required.

4. Form Section Completion Indicators

All sections including Mandatory fields will red if not completed on submission, these indicators then turn green on completion. This assists the User in quickly identifying missed mandatory fields and therefore efficient form submission.

5. Bulk Job Import and Dispatch Function

As part of the Jobs Function, you can now upload CSV or Excel Documents into the Job Dispatcher and Assign the jobs to Users instantly. The solution is extremely powerful and very flexible. The upload document does not need to be in a particular format making the solution incredibly flexible. Fields are simply dragged and dropped into the relevant Job and Form sections and thousands of Jobs can be uploaded and dispatched in seconds with all known information correctly populating into relevant sections in the Job and Form.