Yes, there are a couple of features In Development. Here are the details on the next two features to be released:

1. Integrated Scheduler

Due to overwhelming demand from existing clients, we are pleased to advise that our integrated Scheduler is now in full development.

The scheduler will be a “Drag and Drop” solution enabling you to create and allocate jobs to staff and attached the necessary forms to complete the job (pre-populated where appropriate) and dispatch. The scheduler fully integrates with all other elements of the solutions.

2. New Super Canvas

Our current drawing solution (or Canvas) whilst effective is under development for a major upgrade. The exciting new solution will allow Users to:

a. Upload a Photo from the device photo Library and be able to write and draw on the photo

b. Upload a Photo directly from the device Camera and be able to write and draw on the photo

c. Upload a Resource Document from Resources and be able to write and draw on the Resource - this can include Floor Plans, Photos, Landscape Designs, Medical Charts, etc.

d. Use the Integrated Drawing Tool incorporating colours and shapes

e. “Undo/Redo” functionality for additions

f. Upload multiple “layers” to the Canvas, enabling images to overlay other images

g. Resize the Canvas to enable larger documents such as floor plans to be viewed in detail

h. Create a “Legend” and select icons for the Legend and name them

i. Drag and Drop icons from the Legend onto the Canvas

j. Count the number of Icons being added to the Canvas - an example application for this an electrician uploads a floor plan from resources, creates a legend that includes powerpoints, drags the power point icons onto the correct location on floor plan. The form then adds up automatically the number of powerpoints added. If pricing is already included in the form, the quantity and costing for powerpoints for that job is complete!

We will keep you posted with regard to launch dates on these two solutions.