Yes, you can click on a Website link to open a URL site from within the App.

HTML Link Fields allow you to automatically open any URL or website page from within the App. Select the desired link from the dropdown and the website opens automatically inside the App.

There are many applications for this – a technician completing their Work Order can link straight to a supplier catalogue page for Model Numbers; a chemical spraying team leader, while completing his Chemical Usage Record, can link straight to the weather page for wind direction and temperature logs; a Salesperson completing his Sales Order can link straight to the company pricing matrix for up-to-date pricing and discount rates; a tradesman preparing his quotation can link directly to the suppliers pricing page; a resource document or policy can be viewed through content paths to your own servers – the list is endless!

You can even open a link in your form to one of your own Resource Documents in the Resource e-Library, thereby, viewing the resource document from any of your forms without leaving the form.