Kiosk Mode: Perfect for Rapid Entry, Lead Generation, Exhibitions, Reception Desks


Kiosk Mode can be used for individual forms that are customer facing or for repetitive tasks such as food safety five-minute checks.

The differences are that the user can only see the form page, when they complete their entry, the only option is to SUBMIT, they cannot SAVE.

When the form submits, the data instantly clears and the form returns to the start as blank, ready for the next entry.

If public try to exit system, security keypad appears requiring key code.

The Reception Desk Solution collects visitor information on arrival, which can include a safety induction. It then auto-emails the visitor an E-Badge, a welcome email and can attach additional PDF’s such as company brochure and safety information. The host auto-receives a notification that the guest has arrived. A similar process exists then for sign-out.