Job Type - a short description to identify the type of job. For example for a General Preventative Maintenance Inspection, you might use “GeneralPM”

Description - A more detailed description of the Job Type in a format suitable to auto-populate your invoices and communications with clients. In this example you might use, “General Professional Preventative Maintenance & Asset Condition Inspection”

Color - Colors often help to immediately identify a Job Type both in the App and in the Scheduler. You can assign each Job Type a specific color to help with visual recognition.

Duration - You can set a default duration for each different Job Type. This will allow a specific period of time to be assigned in the Job Dispatch and the Scheduler

Priority - Set a default Priority for each Job Type. For example an emergency callout could be assigned a priority of 10. This can determine where it appears in the Job list.

Forms - You can select the Form/s that you would like to automatically attach to each different Job Type.

Groups - You can determine what User Groups are able to receive each Job Type. This prevents you dispatching jobs to users that are not qualified or competent to perform the job.