How it Works

1. In the create New Job Page, in the “Assign to” section, select “Queue” from the dropdown.


2. A Queued Job can be assigned to Individual Users or All Users within a specified User Group or to All Users.

3. When you select the Jobs Icon in the App, all Jobs are categorized by Date. The categories are ALL JOBS, DAY (representing Today’s Jobs), WEEK (representing this week’s jobs) and QUEUE. A number is showing next to each category showing the number of Jobs currently listed in that section. In the example below, there are 9 jobs in total, of which 2 are a Queue Category.

4. Mobile Users will receive a New Job in the Queue section of the Jobs Menu.

5. The Mobile User can review the Queue job list and Accept a Job. Jobs are accepted by swiping from the right and then clicking the Orange “Accept” option.

6. A check prompt then appears to ensure the Mobile User is intent on accepting the Job:

7. Given multiple Mobile User could be attempting to accept the job at the same time, the successful User will receive a confirmation message:

8. In the same way, the unsuccessful Mobile User will also receive a notification stating:
“This Job has already been accepted by another user”.

Queue Job Function - another way Formitize helps to make your business more efficient.