Formitize CRM has a range of powerful automations that not only take away so many of the menial tasks related to running a business but add so many benefits at the same time.

Job Type Status Updates

Create different, customized communications that will automatically be sent through a combinations of email, SMS, Tasks or letter that are auto-triggered as the job moves through the different stages from creation to completion. Examples include:

A simple SMS to a Team Leader when a job becomes Overdue

A Welcome Email to the client that outlines the services to be completed and includes a photo of the technician that will be visiting them on Thursday at 10am

A Task auto-assigned to a team member to call the client for a satisfaction survey when the job hits “Complete” status

Each different Job Type can have it’s own customized communications and you can customize the content of the Reminders using placeholders to pull CRM information into your reminders

The end result is a fantastic level of communication with the customer and your internal team to keep them updated and informed, every step of the way. Keep them as simple, or make them as complex as you chose.

Job Type Future Reminders

Maximize the value of future business by setting up automated Job Reminders for each different Job Type to ensure both your customers and internal team are reminded about future appointments.

As with the Job Status Updates, the Future Reminders can be sent as a combination of emails, SMS, Letters or internal Tasks created and each different Job Type can have different automated Future Reminders. Examples include:

A courtesy SMS to to remind your weekly maintenance client that you will be there tomorrow at 8am and thank them again for their business.

A Letter to remind your Annual Inspection client that their inspection is due the following month with an automated follow up reminder email 7 days before the inspection is due.

A Task automatically assigned to a team member to call the client the day before the inspection is due to confirm.