There are many, many benefits to being able to view and edit submitted forms from the App.


Here are a few examples:


1. You have completed a form and submitted it. The client has received their PDF and notices an error. You can now go into the submitted form in the App, make the necessary changes and then re-submit to generate the new PDF report instantly.

2. You have completed a Safety Risk Assessment and submitted it. A situation changes on site and so the Risk Assessment needs to be updated. Now you can simply open the Submitted Form, add the additional information and re-submit.

3. If there are multiple stages in a process such as a non-conformance process or incident reporting process. The first part of the form can be completed and submitted. The next person can be notified, they can open the submitted form and add additional information and then re-submit. This can continue through as many stages as required with the Submitted Form status indicating what stage the process is up to.

4. If you are using a form for invoicing, you can now change the status easily from Unpaid to Paid to record payment.

5. A leave request can be granted from the App by changing a leave request form from Requested to Approved with the email notifications automatically triggered.

6. Adding Variations to a Quote, Estimate or Invoice is now simply a matter of opening the submitted form, adding or editing the information and re-submitting.