Send Agreements, Variations, Surveys and more directly from the App. 

What do we mean by Web Forms ?

A Web form is a type of form that individuals external to your organisation can fill out on their computer or mobile device, making it an ideal solution for forms such as Agreements, Contracts, Variations and Surveys. Users can easily access the form, enter the necessary information, and even provide an electronic signature if necessary. 

Web forms is a Formitize add-on module and can be used for forms that need to be completed before a job such as Agreements and Checklists, during a Job such as Contract Variation Agreements and after a job has been completed such as Sign-offs, Surveys and Testimonial Requests. 

This new feature release enables Web forms to be sent from within a Job in the App.

The image below shows the new option in the App Job Card. When you click "Start Job" you will note a section for "Web Forms" appears and the web form/s associated with that job will be listed. 

Simply select the button "Email Webforms" to open the Email page. 

You have the option to utilise the pre-existing email content, craft a personalised message, or pick from your assortment of email templates. It's worth noting that the webform link will be automatically included in the email.

Upon receiving the email, the recipient will be presented with a button that will redirect them to the webform where they can review, complete and sign the necessary documents. 

Further Automation to work even smarter! 

You can automate this feature by adding the Web Form to your Job Type Template with an Action to automatically email the web form when the Job is created or assigned. 

You can also create an action to email or SMS you or a team member when the Webform has been completed by the customer so you know instantly.

The status of the webform will also be visible in the Job so you are kept informed at every stage.