Now you can manually or automatically send Webforms such as Agreements from Jobs.

What do we mean by Webforms?

A webform is a form that can be filled out by individuals outside of your organisation using their computer or mobile device. This type of form is ideal for documents such as agreements, contracts, variations and surveys. Customers can easily access the form, input the necessary information and even sign it digitally if necessary. 

What's new here? 

While Formitize has offered the Webforms Add-on for a while, it was located within the Forms module and not integrated into the Job process. The new feature allows Webforms to be added to and sent directly from the job card. 

We have added a new feature that enables Webforms for a job to be automatically created as part of the job and emailed to the client for signing! You can then track the status of the form so you can easily see when it has been signed and returned - all from within the Job Card. 

Summary of this feature: 

  1. Attach and send Webforms from a job.
  2. See the status of all Job Forms from the Job Card. 
  3. You can now also send Job Webforms from the App.

1. Attach and send WebForms from a job

The addition of Webforms to your job management workflow can greatly enhance its capabilities, providing you with a powerful tool to work with. 

If your job requires customers to sign an agreement prior to starting, you have the option of creating a webform for the agreement and attaching it to the job. Similarly, if you require the completion of an acknowledgement, sign-off, or survey after the job is finished, this can now be accomplished automatically. 

When the webform is attached to a job, it will automatically fill in the necessary job details such as name, address, date, job type and job number. This eliminates the need to manually re-enter this information. 

Pre-populating information in Webforms 

As with all Job linked Forms, all fields in the form that have corresponding Job detail fields will be automatically populated with those Job details. 

You can then pre-populate additional fields in the Webform if you need to before emailing it to your customer. 

The email your client receives will automatically include a button to click on to open the webform and an alternate URL address they can use instead as shown below: 

To save even more time, the Job Webforms can now be sent automatically! 

By adding the webform to your job type template, the agreement can be automatically included in any job created using that template. Additionally, the agreement can be sent to your customer automatically as soon as the job is created.