Firstly, only those who have access to your unique Company, Username and Password have access to your Formitize Management Portal.

There are 3 types of Formitize users:

  1. Users with Full Access - As agreed with Formitize, the business administrator can provide full access for Agents in the field PLUS full Portal usage.  This type of usage is primarily involved where the licence holder and the Agent (field user) are the same person, or where the management organisation wishes their Agents to have access to the Portal facility for review of forms.  The Management Portal User Guide relates primarily to this access level.
  2. Users with Portal Access Only - As agreed with Formitize, this only allows Portal usage.  This is primarily used where the licence holder does not wish the Agents to have access to the Portal facilities.  Limited or restricted access for Agents may be allowed as agreed with Formitize.
  3. Users Access for Agents only - In this case the users of the form will not see any of the Portal facilities.