Here's how Formitize works:

1. Send Us Your Form
Simply upload or send us your old paper form and we will get started.

2. Our Wizards 'Formitize' Your Old Form
Our team of “Formitize Wizards” will do their magic and prepare your solution. We will contact you and confirm all possible answers, rules, special requirements and information needed from your form. We’ll then assign your business User Names and Passwords.

3. Your Staff Download Our Free App
Your staff download the Formitize App for free onto their smart phone or tablet (NB. Formitize works brilliantly on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows based devices) from anywhere in the world.

4. Start Using Formitize
When they are ready, your field staff pull out their smartphone or tablet, open the App and enter their User Name and Password. Simple.

5. Different Forms for Different Users
The User Name and Password gives your individual staff access to the forms that have been allocated to them. You control what forms are available to your different employees with different access levels available to different forms.

6. So Much Easier To Use
They select and click on the form that is right for the next task and “fill it in”. In most cases the form content will be very similar to the old paper form that they are used to completing. Your employees will find the automation, drop down boxes, multiple choice options and other tools a great aid to completing the form quickly and accurately.

7. Great Gadgets Fully Integrated
All of the additional tools are seamlessly built into the form in a convenient spot to help. For example, a camera icon (ICON) is displayed when a photo is required, it just needs to be clicked and the photo is recorded, a microphone icon (ICON) is waiting when a Voice Recording is expected and so on. Simple, clear and so easy to use.

8. Add a Signature, With Security
When the form is complete, a signature may be required – no problem! A box to receive the signature is waiting (AND as a security precaution, if the agent goes back to change the form after the signature has been given, the signature disappears and is required again from the customer – just a check to ensure the customer agrees to the change).

9. The Magic Happens
Hit “SUBMIT” and all of the details collected are downloaded into the database instantly. If there is no signal at the time, no problem - The information is stored and will download as soon as signal is available.

10. Multiple Recipients
The form can then be emailed automatically to the customer in a variety of formats instantly, using some or all of the information or integrating the answers from the form into a more detailed report. With Formitize, you have the peace of mind knowing that the forms are accurate, complete and professionally presented.

11. Great Backend Reporting & Integration
Great reporting can be easily tailored to monitor progress, results, locations, activity levels and performance of your business reps in real time. Formitize can API into most established software products such as MYOB.

12. Relax and Manage from Anywhere
As the Business Manager, you can sit back and access the portal remotely from anywhere in the world and watch your database automatically update with the new customer information. All fields complete and all records safely stored and backed up.