Job Types is a really cool feature that makes creating Jobs so much easier! A Job Type can be created for each different type of service you may provide for a client.

We have already created an example for you, but you can always add your own, or even edit those that we have already created.

To access your Job Type Templates, in your Formitize Web Portal, select Jobs > Job Type Templates.

From this page you will see the list of Job Types that we have created for you. Click on one of these templates to view the contents.

On the first Job Details page, you can give the Job Type a title, brief description, and even attach any forms to this type of Service.

Next, look at Job Status Updates and Future Reminders. These tabs contain all of the automated communications that can be sent out before or after each job that you do. You can easily edit any of the text in the communication, or disable the communication so that your clients won’t receive the message.

The Formitize Automated Assistants are just like having a whole new team behind you taking care of so many of the general day-to-day tasks so that you can focus on driving the business forward (and it all automatically scales as you do). Your clients will love it!

The next step to set up your account is adding in your company resources, learn more here.