Formitize can pull data in some MYOB formats. Web Portal > CRM > Reports > Invoices > apply your applicable filters and select the csv format from the right of the screen > download CSV.

Further information regarding MYOB exporting;

- Contacts in MYOB with Card IDs to match in Formitize. (See steps below).
- Formitize Account Codes which match your Account Codes in MYOB. e.g. if you use Account '4-1000' in MYOB, use '41000' in the Invoice's Line Item in Formitize.
Exporting Steps (Avoids Blank CSV or Missing Lines):
1. You can add default custom Text fields named 'Card ID' and 'Co./Last Name' here: Add Default Custom Fields.
2. For each of the invoices you are exporting, the Contact must have 2 custom fields: 'Card ID' and 'Co./Last Name'. (Click one of the 'Billing Name' listed below and edit Billing Details.)
3. Each Invoice's Contact in Formitize must have the same 'Card ID' and 'Co./Last Name' as the Contact in MYOB. This can be done by manually inputing the 'Co./Last Name' and 'Card ID' for each contact in the Billing Details. If you have not set up your Contacts yet you can bulk import contacts from MYOB.
3a. ONLY FOR BULK IMPORT - go into MYOB:AR and go to file>Export to make a CSV. Please ensure you have added the Formitize Custom Variables for 'Co./Last Name' and 'Card ID, before importing.
3b. ONLY FOR FIRST TIME and ONLY BULK IMPORT. - Go to CRM - Contacts - Import. In order to import your MYOB CSV File containing the data and Card ID. PLEASE NOTE - This process is only to be actioned once for your initial set up of your customer data.
Importing Steps:
4. To import this file in MYOB Accountright, go to File -> Import Assistant -> Sales -> Service Sales.
5. Leave format options defaulted to 'tabs','headers','add import data'.
6. Select 'Auto Match' when matching import fields.
7. Select 'Backup' on the final step of the MYOB AccountRight import assistant.
8. Always ensure the invoices you import into MYOB are complete and accurate and have correct totals and tax.
Note: invoice dates will export as d/m/Y format.
Note: If your Invoice Number is greater than 8 characters, only the last 8 digits will be exported.

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