With the correct user permissions you can clone a Submitted Form. 

On the Web Portal > Forms > Submitted Forms > select the form/s that you would like to clone > select action > clone, from here you able to select if you would also like to have the photos, drawing tool images and signatures also copied over. The latest form template can also be selected so if your form template has changed since the last deploy the most recent version of the form template will be used. > Go, the form will be available in the ALL FORMS tab to further edit and submit. Once submitted it will appear in any applicable custom submitted form tab and form actions to be triggered.

On the App > Forms > Submitted Forms > swipe to the left on the form that you would like to clone > clone, select the options that appear which include copying photos and copying drawing tool image > clone form > the cloned version will open for you to complete. It will have its own submitted form ID and appropriate form actions will trigger according to the form template.