User details (user variables) can be added to a user's profile to save time with regularly used information such as name, email, position. 

To add the user details to any form template Forms > View Form Template > Select Edit on the form that you would like to change > Form Builder > Add an entry field  (text, number, email, telephone) to the form template, then on the right side you will see 'Question' in the field settings, add the wording that you would like for example Name of Inspector (or wording of your choice). In the 'User Variable' field, select the appropriate dropdown variable that you would like to use (see image below). 

This will automatically display the User Profile details you have selected, each time a form is completed. 

Additional 'user variables' can be added to a user profile and then connected to pull in when using a form. When editing a user (Users > View Users > Edit) scroll to the bottom of the page and add the variables, you will then be able to go back and connect these to the form fields as 

Be sure to save the form and Deploy / Publish Templates .