This section of the API interacts with the Assets module.

The Asset API Functions include:

  • Receive a list of all Asset Types stored in Formitize with your custom column information.
  • Receive a list of Assets belonging to a particular Asset Type. This includes each asset’s detail such as longitude and latitude, client information, and information entered into custom fields.
  • Receive information on one Asset including details such as; client information, zone, location information, and information entered into custom fields.
  • Add an Asset to Formitize by providing a name, description, and the Asset Type it should be entered as. Further detail including client, location information and custom fields can also be supplied when creating an Asset.
  • Edit an Asset by supplying the Asset’s ID number and the information of any fields that should be modified. This includes built-in Asset fields like client and location information as well as custom fields.

Below are some examples of how the Asset API Functions work:

  • A Formitize User wants to create a Dashboard for their client. This is so the client can view the status of Assets on their property at any time without giving them access to Formitize or any other information that is for internal use.

    The Formitize API can be used to get a list of all assets that belong to that client and a webpage can be created to display the list using only the information the Formitize User wants their client to see. 
  • A Formitize User has recently changed the brand of an Asset they use and needs to modify this column on thousands of Assets that already exist of that Type. They don’t have the resources to dedicate a person to manually changing the brand name column for each individual Asset.

    The Formitize API can be used to get a list of all Assets of that Type and then use the ID fields from that list to send an Edit request for each Asset to update the information. this task can be bundled into a single function the Formitize User can re-use when other bulk edits are required.