This section of the API interacts with the CRM, and manages locations attached to Clients.

The Locations API Functions include:

  • Receives all Locations for a Client by the Client ID number. This includes all locations attached to a Client, with address details, and the Location’s ID number.
  • Receives Location by providing the Client ID number and Location ID number. This returns the single location with address details and ID number. 
  • Add a Location by providing the Client ID number it should belong to and the street, city, postcode and country details as required.
  • Edit a location by providing the Client ID number it belongs to and the Location ID number along with street, city, post code and country details to be updated.
  • Delete one Location by providing the Location ID number and the Client ID number of the Client it belongs to.
  • Delete all Locations belonging to a Client by providing the Client ID number.

Below are some examples of how the Locations API Functions work:

  • The Formitize API can be used to build a custom application that shows the Contacts and Locations for that one Client. This including functions for adding new Locations and Contacts while updating and deleting existing Locations and Contacts. As the application utilises the Formitize API, changes made through the custom application are immediately shown in the Formitize account. The Client is able to manage their details and have the most updated information supplied by the Client without the Client having direct access to Formitize!