This section of the API interacts with the Forms module and interacts with the Form Templates. 

The Form and Form Template API Functions include:

  • Receive a list of Submitted Forms from the Formitize account. This can be filtered to return only Submitted Forms that match a title field, or to return only Submitted Forms that are attached to a Job ID.
  • Get one Submitted Form by providing the Submitted Form ID number to get all information from that Submitted Form including Job ID numbers, the User ID number of the person who submitted it, longitude and latitude information, and answers entered into form fields. 
  • Receive a List of Form Templates from the Formitize Account with Form Template ID number and title.
  • Receive one Form Template by providing the Form Template ID number. This returns the Form Template ID, title and information on all form fields that are used for that Form Template.

Below is an example of how the Form and Form Template API Functions work:

  • The Formitize API can be used to retrieve a list of Submitted Forms that match the Customer Feedback title and then to get the details of each Submitted Form using the IDs supplied in the list. The User can then manipulate this data and use it to build a widget that displays an average rating, recent comments from Clients and other information collected on the Webform.
  • As the Job ID number is also available on Submitted Forms that are attached to a Job Type Template, the User could also request for further detail about the Jobs. This can then break down customer happiness ratings by the service offered or the employees assigned to those jobs.