This section of the API interacts with the Jobs module, and manages Job information.

The Jobs API Functions include:

  • Receive a list of all Jobs stored on a Formitize account including the Job ID number, the number of any invoices attached, users assigned, location information and forms attached to the Job.
  •  Get a single Job by providing the Job ID number, and retrieve information like users assigned, location information, attached forms, invoices, status and more.
  • Get the history of a Job by providing the Job ID number to receive a log of changes that have been made to the job, from when the Job was created to Users being assigned, status changes as well as time and date changes.
  • Add a Job by providing the job title to use, the User to assign to the job, and the billing name of the Client the job is for. More details such as date and time, Form Template ID numbers to attach, site and delivery location information, and Client or Contact information. Form data can also be specified to pre-fill the attached forms. 
  • If the Client or Contact doesn’t exist, they will be created when the Job is created meaning there’s no need to create the required Clients before creating the Jobs. It’s all in this one request.
  • Edit one Job by providing the Job ID number and the fields to be updated for that Job. Update the Job status, assignees, attached forms, pre filled information for attached forms, due and delivery dates, client information and notes for that Job.
  • Delete a Job by providing the Job ID number.

Below is an example of how the Asset API Functions work:

  • The Formitize API can be used to fetch a list of all jobs carried out; including Location information from which the post code can be extracted. This can then be used to produce interactive web content that shows the service area in a visual way, immediately assuring Clients who may think they are too far out of range that the business carries out jobs in their area.