Webhooks allow information to be sent when certain actions are taken on Formitize. Currently there are two types of Webhooks - those that trigger on Job Status Update and those that trigger on Form Submission.

Below are examples of how the Job Status Update Function works:

  • It sends information about a Job to the specified location when the status of the job changes. Eg, From Assigned to Complete.
  • The Formitize Job Status Update Webhook can push the information of new Jobs directly to the external system (if supported by the external system). It then sends updates when Users mark those jobs as assigned, accepted, started or completed during the job cycle ensuring that both systems have the most up-to-date information.

Below are examples of how the Form Submission Function works:

  • It sends information about a Submitted Form to the specified location when the Submitted Form is Submitted.
  • The Formitize Form Submission Webhook can send information belonging to any selected forms to the Data Analysis program (if supported by that program) whenever the form is submitted. Webhooks can trigger on the submission of just one Form Template, all Form Templates associated with the Formitize account or a selection of Form Templates as chosen by the user. 
    The Data Analysis program would receive detailed information from the Submitted Form, including its title, the user that submitted it and the information entered into all of the Submitted Form’s fields. With all that information in hand, the User can produce in-depth insights from their Data Analysis program, limited only by the User’s imagination in creating the Form Templates.