If you have duplicate contacts that have been brought over from Xero during the integration and delete them in Formitize, it will delete them in Xero. 

If a contact is not linked to Xero it will only be removed from Formitize.

To remove unwanted contacts, please follow the steps below:

  • In your Web Portal > CRM > Contacts > Select all contacts > Push to Accounting. This will push all contacts in Formitize to the Xero platform, including duplicates.
  • In Contacts, select 'Force Sync from Xero' to fetch any new data in Xero
  • For each duplicate, one of those contacts will not contain any information and wont have any forms, jobs or invoice history attached. One of the duplicates will have data that has been saved previously
  • You are able to delete the contact that doesn't contain any information and continue using the contact that has data. To do this in Contacts > Select the duplicate you want to delete > Delete
  • When all of the duplicate contacts have been deleted > Select all contacts > Select Push (to accounting software). This will ensure that the deleted contacts are also removed in Xero

For any duplicates that have data on both contacts where the data is identical, delete one and use the other.

If there is data attached to both contacts that you wish to keep, and the data is not identical you can merge the contacts in Xero and Formitize. This will ensure all relevant information is kept. 

You will regularly need to push/pull the data from Accounting Software to update when a contact is deleted or merged.

Note: Before proceeding to delete contacts please ensure the steps have been followed correctly and all contact data has been checked.