Notes can be added to a location through the CRM via the Web Portal, or the App.

In your Web Portal > CRM > Contacts > Locations, select the location (you can also select the contact/billing name if you know who the location is listed under, to bring up the easy edit slider drawer on the right side of the screen while in list view).

If you select the View arrow for the address in the Locations list, then it will take you to the main Contact card. In the Contact card, click on the Locations tab, and you will see a list of all the locations connected to the Billing Name.

To add Notes, click on the two arrows that indicate collapsed or expanded Location information, and then click on the Notes symbol

This will show you a list of notes already added if there are any already attached to the Location, as well as the + Add button to add a new note. Click on + Add and a modal will pop up at the right of your screen where you can type in the note and then select Save, or click on the arrow beside Save, to select Save and Task. The latter option will allow you to create a task related to the note.

If you click on the Billing Name for the location, the slider drawer will appear on the right hand side of the screen rather than take you to the Contact Card. If you click on the Locations tab, then you will be able to select the expandable arrows for the location you want to add the note to, then select Notes, and then the + Add option.

In the App, go to Contacts > select Contact > Locations > select Location > Notes. There, you will see any notes already attached to this location, as well as the button to Add Note.

When you click on Add Note, it will take you to where you can enter the note you'd like to add, and then select Add Note again. And that will add the new note to the location.