To add a filter, use the "Add Filter" button. This will give you the ability to choose a field, a comparison method, and what it should be compared to, to determine whether the item is included in the lookup or not.

The comparison methods available are: "=", "!=", and "LIKE".

  • =, or EQUALS: The compared items much match exactly, including capitalisation.
  • !=, or NOT EQUALS: The compared items do not match.
  • LIKE: Part of the compared items match.

Select the field you would like to filter by on the left, then the comparison method, and how it should be filtered on the right. The dropdown on the right will list available fields by default, but it also includes an "OTHER" option that allows you to enter a value for the comparison.

When you select "Other", a popup will appear. Enter the value and click "OK".

The value that you entered will now be available in the dropdown for you to select.

In this example, we've added a filter to show only items where the SALES PRICE is NOT 0. Below is the completed filter, now that the value has been selected.

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