You are able to send a Webform link in an SMS as part of a Job Type Communication as well as a one-off SMS. First, make sure that you have the SMS feature available and enough credit. 

To send the Webform Link as a Job Type Communication in your Web Portal > Jobs > Job Type Templates > Select the edit arrow for the intended Job Type Template > ensure that the Webform you want to send is added as a Webform in the Job Details of the Job Type Template. If you need to add it, then remember to Save after.

Next go to the Communication type tab (Job Status Update or Future Reminder) and then select SMS as the communication > Add the Webform Link using the placeholder to the content of the SMS > Save.

To send a Webform link as a one-off communication in your Web Portal > Forms > View Form Templates > select the Edit arrow for intended form > in the Details page scroll down and Copy the Webform link.


 Select the Quick Send Icon form the Top menu bar > Select SMS > Paste the copied Webform link.