To create your own pricing calculations, similar to what is available in the Invoice or Quote modules, we can add these to any form template in our account.

This is particularly useful in the following scenarios:

  • Creating a more detailed proposal or quote template
  • Adding a pricing component to service reports to capture materials or parts used
  • Setting up agreement form templates
  • Order forms

For any of the above scenarios, the calculation structure for pricing will generally be made up of the following structure:

(Qty * Amount = Subtotal) + Tax = Grand Total

Although this can be structured in a variety of different ways within a form template, the following steps covers the most common scenario. 

- Throughout these steps, when adding a new field, always update the object name for easy reference. 

- Adding the currency symbol pre or post text (via. the calculation field settings) can help to format your pricing in the form and final PDF report.

  1. Add a Table to your form template (this can also be done without the use of a table)
  2. Add an text or number field for the Item, Description, Qty and Amount. 
  3. Add a calculation field to the table for the Subtotal.
  4. In the calculation field, add the following equation to find the subtotal for each row: [Qty] * [Amount]
  5. Then, add a separate calculation field outside of the table and name this Total.
    • NOTE: When using fields from within a table to complete calculations outside of the table, always include a separate calculation outside of the table to tally the items up. Then, this separate calculation field can be used for further calculations in the form template (otherwise the form will be unable to process these).
  6. In the calculation field, add the following equation to tally subtotal for each row: [Subtotal]
  7. Then, add a calculation field for the tax amount. Depending on your pricing, this can be calculated for inclusive or exclusive item pricing. For example, the equation to calculate exclusive GST pricing for an Australian business would be [Total] * 1.1
  8. Add a final calculation field for the Grand Total and add the following equation: [Total] + [Tax]
  9. Save or deploy the template.