Having Webforms attached to your Job Types can be a huge time saver in automating your processes. There are two main benefits in having your Webforms attached to Job Type Templates.

Firstly, when a Webform is attached to a Job Type Template, and that Job Type Template is selected within a Job, the Webform will automatically attach to the Job so that the Users who have access to that Job can really easily access these Webforms. 

Secondly, these Webforms can be triggered to automatically send to different people who may need them at different stages in the Job through “Job Status Updates” and “Future Reminders”. Some examples of this may be an agreement that needs to be sent to the client before the Job is started, or a feedback form that is automatically sent to the client when the Job is completed.

To attach a Webform to a Job Type Template, login to your Formitize Web Portal and select Jobs > Job Type Templates > select the Edit arrow for the Job Type that you are wanting to edit > Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see a field for Webform”, where you can select the relevant Webforms to this Job Type.

Now that the Webforms have been attached to the Job Type, they can now be included in the automated communications. In this example, we want the Feedback Webform to send automatically when the Job is completed. Go to the “Job Status Updates” tab, and set up your preferred Communication. When you are ready to add the link to your communication content, use the key combination of Control + Space Bar to open up the placeholder menu. Scroll right down to the bottom of this list to find the Webform links.