Reminders are a good way to maintain communication with both Formitize Users in your account, as well as client contacts, so that everyone is aware of anything that might require organisation for a job (eg: a task reminder for a technician, or a reminder to a customer that they are due for an annual service, and so on.) 

Most often, Reminders will be set up for jobs, to be triggered to automatically send out the information to all the people that are required to know or confirm. These can be set up in Web Portal > Jobs > Job Type Templates > select template > Job Status Update or Future Reminders.

Other types of reminders are Outstanding Invoice Reminders, and Quote Reminders. You can access each of these respectively, by going to Settings Cog > Accounts > Invoices - Accounts Assist or Quotes - Quotes Assist.

Reminders can also be sent via the Contacts page, if you go to Web Portal > Contacts > Select Contact > Activity > Reminders > + New Reminder. This is where you will also find any reminders that have previously sent to a Contact.

To manage and view all Reminders, or search through them to find one specific though, go to Web Portal > Tools > Reminders. In there, is a record of all the Reminders that have been sent or are queued to be sent. The smart table in Reminders allows you to set up the view that you would prefer to use when searching through them, and makes the search process easier as well.

From this window, you can sort the Reminders list by Due Dates, Billing Name, Type of Reminder (whether it was created for Invoice or a CRM type), Method (eg: Email, SMS, Task), and can filter by the dates, status, billing name and so on.

You can also edit or delete any unsent reminders before they are sent.