By using a Create Job action you can set up the form so that it will create a job when the form has been submitted.

In order to add a Create Job Action to your Form, go to Forms > View Form Templates > choose the edit arrow for the template you would like the action added to > Actions tab > + New Action. Then you can select Create Job in the Action type dropdown.

Once you've selected the Create Job Action, and edited the settings that you would like to pull the information required for Job creation, then you can Save Actions, and the form will create jobs upon Submission.

Please note: In a number of the client information dropdowns, there is an option at the bottom of the dropdown called 'Result of CRM Client action'. This requires the use of the Create Client Action to also fill out the job information with the same fields as the Create CRM Client Action, in this way it will perform both the creation of a Contact profile and the Job upon form submission. Create CRM Client must be set as Priority 1 for this to work properly.