With the use of the Create CRM Client Action, you can set up a form or webform so that it will create a new Client Contact in your CRM.

This is particularly useful if there are new customers filling out a webform, as it will save the details that they enter into your contacts, to be used for jobs, communications, leads and so on. There are other Actions that will use the information that is process via this Action within them as well. When that is the case, it is best to set this Action Priority as 1, so that it triggers the creation of the CRM Client before then using that to trigger other Actions that require Contact information.

In order to add a Create CRM Client Action to your Form, go to Forms > View Form Templates > choose the edit arrow for the template you would like the action added to > Actions tab > + New Action. Then you can select Create CRM Client in the Action type dropdown.

Once you've selected the Create CRM Client Action and then edited the settings to gather information from the desired fields, then you can Save Actions and your form will now automatically create new Contacts upon submission.

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