To add icons to your Drawing Tool legend, first go into the form template by going to your Web Portal > Forms > View Form Templates > select the edit arrow of the template that you would like to add them to > Form Builder. Then click on the Drawing Tool field in the form.

In the Field Settings, click on the Open button beside Legend.

When you click on the Open button, then you will get a pop-up modal, where you can add new icon files for the kinds of images you would like to use in the map. You can delete, arrange and add as you like. The recommended size for an icon is 32 x 32 pixels and it must be a PNG file with transparent background.

After you've added the icons that you would like to use, then Save Draft and Deploy / Publish Template. Any new forms created with this template will now have the legend icons in the Drawing Tool when you're creating a drawing or mud map in the App.

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