Yes. If you have Webforms enabled in your account, then you can send the link to the Webform via SMS.

To find the link that you can send, go to Forms > View Form Templates > Select the edit arrow for the template that you would like the webform link for.

In the Details tab of the settings you will find the Webform link that you can send.

Click the Copy button and it will save the url on your clipboard, so that you can paste it into an SMS template. Upon receiving the SMS, the intended recipient will be able to open up that link from their smart device and fill out the form.

If you would like to send an SMS of a form that has been partially filled out already, then in the form once you've filled out the fields that you would like to be done, you can select Convert to Webform under the Title, and Save. Then you will have more options appear.

Select Copy Link, and then to do CRM > Contacts > select contact > Communication > Send > SMS. You can then paste the webform link in the SMS body and send. The client will receive the link to the webform which they can then complete.