Normally, the fields in the form as set up so that any fields that have no information entered will not show up in the report PDF when it is generated and sent out.

In cases where a blank form needs to be printed out so that it can be filled out by hand, or a client must sign by hand rather than over a device, you can change the settings of the form subsections so that the fields will all show up in the blank PDF, ready to be filled out.

In order to do this, you can click on a Subheader and in the Properties on the right hand side, there is a selection box beside the question: Don't Remove From Default Report?

Selecting the checkbox will enable fields that have been left blank to appear in the saved PDF.

Note: For the Signature field to appear, you will need to place something (even a simple dot) in the space before saving the form.

Once the form is saved with the details that can be entered, then the unpopulated fields will appear in the PDF report and it will be ready for sending and printing with the blank fields to be filled in by hand.