When using a form to create new contact details or update information for an existing client, the system requires that the address be broken down into separate fields, to match the way that contacts are added or updated manually.

The address / location fields that are available to be populated for the Update and Create CRM Contacts Actions are:

  • Site Name - optional
  • Street 1 - required
  • Street 2 - optional
  • City - required
  • State - required
  • Postcode - required
  • Country - optional (this depends on whether the country is important for the location)

You can see in the Actions related to creating or updating a CRM Client, the above list of dropdowns that require their own fields within the form in order to compile the location information. Any Custom location fields you have set up, will be in that list as well.

In those dropdowns, you can select the corresponding fields that you have created within the Form Builder, so that the address information can be saved in the CRM for future use.