Invoices that are only in Formitize and not linked to accounting software must be manually updated through Formtiize.

For security reasons and to avoid accidental changes to invoices (eg. accidentally marking an invoice as paid, when it hasn't been), invoices cannot be selected to be set as paid all at the same time in one bulk transaction. You can, however, easily find all the invoices that a customer has with you by either running a search in the Web Portal > CRM > Accounts, and entering the billing name in the search bar.

Alternatively, you can go to CRM > Contacts > Select Contact > Activity > Invoices, and it will list all of the invoices that belong to that Billing name.

From either of those two options to find the invoices you are searching for, you can then open or edit the Invoice and payment information by scrolling down in the invoice until you get to the Payment Details section. There you can allocate the amount that's been paid, the method, where you would like the updated invoice sent to, and then click on $ Add Payment.

After that, Save the invoice, and it will be updated to Paid and the updated invoice will be sent to the customer.