If you have a Xero integration set up and repeating invoices through Xero, you can have Formitize use the accounting software's invoice numbering system. This means that Xero will generate the invoice numbers.

This can be set up via the Web Portal by going to Settings Cog > Accounts > Invoices.

Scroll down to Invoice Prefix and Automatic Sequential Numbering, and where it asks whether to use Formitize rolling numbers, select No (manually enter in invoice numbers, or use your accounting package numbers).

The next step is to allow Formitize to send draft invoices to Xero for invoice number allocation. You can do this by scrolling down to Accounting Package Settings (it could also be called Xero Settings), and selecting Yes in the option that asks whether to Send Draft Invoices.

Once you Save your settings at the bottom of the page, Formitize will continue with Xero's Invoice Numbering.

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