If you'd like a client's contact information to be updated when a user fills out a form via the App or Web Portal, then you can use the Update CRM Client Action for your form. A client can also update it via webform (see the note further down in this article).

This Action differs from the Create CRM Client action, as this one searches for the already existing contact and adds or updates their information when the form is submitted.

In order to add the Update CRM Client action to your Form, go to Forms > View Form Templates > choose the edit arrow for the template you would like the action added to > Actions tab > + New Action. Then you can select Update CRM Client in the Action type dropdown.

Once you've edited the settings for the Update CRM Client Action, when you select a client using the CRM Client field in the form, and change any information that may already be set to auto-populate fields in the form, those details will be updated in the Contact's information.

Note: To have this form filled out and submitted by a client via webform, then it will first need to be created by a User through the Web Portal, and the CRM information will need to be selected and form saved by the User after it has been converted to a webform. You can then email the unique webform url to the client so that they can finish filling out the rest of the information.

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