When your clients receive the QuoteAccept link, they can easily access it on any device, mobile or desktop. The QuoteAccept page presents a concise summary of the quote alongside a PDF version for detailed review.

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Two clear options are provided: "Accept" or "Decline" the quote. These will only appear once QuoteAccept has been enabled in your account. 

Following their selection, the screen will update to show a confirmation message for an Accepted or Declined quote, providing immediate feedback to the client.

Once your client makes a selection on the QuoteAccept page, our automated notification system springs into action. Whether the quote is accepted or rejected, you will receive an email notification detailing the client's decision.

For Accepted Quotes:

You'll get a confirmation email with the client's name, contact details, the quote number, and the total amount accepted. This allows you to quickly follow up on the positive response, perhaps to schedule the next steps or to thank your client for their business.

For Declined Quotes:

Similarly, if a client decides to reject the quote, you’ll receive a notification. This email includes any comments or feedback the client may have provided, giving you valuable insight into their decision-making process. This immediate information can be crucial for you to address any concerns or to refine your offering for future proposals.

This real-time feedback loop means you’re never left guessing about the status of your quotes.