With the implementation of PayNow, you can now send the invoice link or QR code to your contacts via SMS when you create their invoice.

You do not have to have PayNow enabled to be able to send an Invoice online, but the feature does allow the customer to use the link or QR code to take them to our secure PayNow page where they can pay the Invoice from anywhere: 

Within the PayNow settings, there is a field where you can set up the default SMS text template that you would like to send to your customers.

There are two new advanced placeholders added to Formitize for use in communications templates, called 'Link to Invoice/Quote' and 'Invoice Pay Now'. They will both create links to the customer's invoices, and the 'Invoice Pay Now' placeholder (only accessible if PayNow is enabled), will also include the QR code as well as the link.

The new Invoice SMS template:

Note: Currently, this SMS template is only available when sending the Invoice via the App on a mobile device, but will soon be available for sending via the Web Portal.

After that change has been made and Invoice settings saved, when you create a new invoice you can see a new button in the Payment Details part of the invoice. This gives you a unique link for that invoice, which can then be copied and pasted into an SMS text that you can send from your Formitize account. You can also receive the link when you click 'Share' at the bottom of the invoice.

To send an SMS through Formitize, you'll need to make sure that you have the SMS feature set up in your Formitize account.

To send the invoice via Web Portal:

You can go to the Contact card by going to CRM > Contacts > Select contact ID or Arrow to open the full Contact page, and in their Communication tabs, select Send. You can then select the SMS icon, which will open up the SMS fields. In the SMS Message section you can paste the link you copied from the invoice along with your message. If you have a template saved, you can use that and insert the unique link in there and then send the text.

When the client receives the message with the link, they will be able to click on it, and they will be taken to the PayNow page, where there will be a copy of the invoice PDF alongside the card payment options (including Apply Pay or Google Pay, depending on what kind of mobile device your client uses, if they want to pay via mobile). There, they can pay the invoice from their mobile device.

To send the Invoice via the App:

Go to Accounts > Invoices and load the invoice you want to share. Scroll down until you see the “SHARE” button. Click it and you will see a drawer appearing from the bottom with the following share options:

  • Share Link - enables you to copy and share the link of the invoice using your mobile device sharing capabilities (Eg. Share via Social media link Facebook et, Via messenger or simply message it to anyone in your phone contacts)
  • QR Code - Will display the QR code associated with the invoice - this is particularly useful while on site and you can show the QR code to a customer who can scan it and pay on their device.

  • Email - Enable you to share the invoice link via email.

  • SMS - Enable you to share the invoice link via an SMS Message.


Go to Accounts > Invoices > Swipe right on the Invoice you want to send > SMS. The saved template in the PayNow settings will automatically appear in the SMS message, so all you need to do is send.


Go to Accounts > Invoices > Swipe right on the Invoice you want to send > SMS. The saved template in the PayNow settings will automatically appear in the SMS message, so all you need to do is send.