The Text box is more or less your run of the mill form field, where information can be entered. There is more that can be done with it as well, through the Field Settings.

Input Type: This can be interchangeable between all the Entry Field types, making it easier to fix if you would prefer it to be a different field than text. You can find the options in the Field Settings in the dropdown beside Input Type.

Casing: You can decide whether you would like the text entered in the field to be upper or lower case, or normal.

User Variable: This is useful if you would like the field to be automatically populated with information regarding the User who is filling out the form, or the company information linked to your Formitize account. It can pull information from any Company or User Variables that you have set up, automatically filling that field when the User creates the form.

Copy From: If you'd like the field to automatically populate with information from another field within the form, then you can select the Object name of the field you'd like to pull the information from. It does not copy from the CRM fields (CRM Client, CRM Location, etc), but will copy information from other fields that draw information from those CRM elements.

Lookup: This option is at the top of the Field Settings, beside Properties. This is where you can set up a lookup for a database that you would like the form to be able to draw information from. You can learn more about Form Lookup Databases by clicking here.