To find the Invoice list, you can go to CRM > Invoices, or click on the Accounts button in your user dashboard. That is where you will find the list of created invoices, as well as tabs that you can select to view payments, quotes, purchases, items (or line items), tax settings and account settings.

The Invoices, Quotes and Purchases lists all use Smart tables, which can customise the lists to suit your needs. In order to view what information that can be pulled from the invoices into the list, you can click on the 'Column' heading in the smart table, and there you will find a list of the various column information that's available. Once you've chosen what you would like to be able to see in the list, you can then click on View and save it so that it retains that list view every time you return to the invoices page.

There are also filter buttons at the top of the Invoices list, which can be selected so that you can sort through the different invoice stages: All, Unpaid, Paid, and Overdue.