The Barcode field allows you to scan a QR code or barcode when using a compatible mobile / portable device to complete a form.

This is especially useful when you have Assets that are connected to a client location or zone. You can link the Barcode field to a specific Assets list, so that you can simply scan the Asset and it will bring up the information in the form so that you can update either existing Assets, or add new ones to the list when you submit the form.

When you add an Asset List to your form and select an Asset Type from the dropdown in the Field Settings, a Barcode field called 'Asset ID' will be automatically included.

When accessing the form via the App, you will then have a Scan and Quick Filter field. When you click on the Scan button, your mobile device will begin searching via the camera for a QR Code or Barcode to scan and pull the Asset information from.

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