Whether you use Day, Week view in your Scheduler list, you are able to change the order that the Users in your Formitize account can be viewed. Making these changes, however, can only be done within the Week view, where you are able to see that the Users are listed within their primary User Groups as well. The changes are also only saved to your User account, so other user accounts will not see it in the same order - and would need to change their own settings if they wish to.

To change the order that I view the Users in Day View:

Go to Week View, click on the arrows that are listed beside the User's account name. A window will then pop up, asking you which User you would like them to be listed below. Select the name that you would like the User listed after, and click Apply. This will allow you to be able to set up the list of Users in Day view however you wish. 

You can then return to Day View, refresh the page, and the Users will be ordered in the way that you selected.

To change the order that I view the Users and User Groups in Week View:

To change the order of the User Groups in the Week view, you can use the same as above, by selecting the arrows beside the first listed User within the group, then select the name of a user in the group which you would like them listed below. This will move the entire User Group below that of the other user's.

Changing the order of the Users within a group is the same process as well, simply opening up the window from the arrows, and selecting the user that you would like them listed under.

Please note: If any Users belong to more than one User Group, they will be listed within the group that was created first. If you would like them to represent a differed specific group, then you would need to remove them from the older group, or change the group details and permissions around, but the latter will affect all Users within the groups.