Each User is able to personalise their view of the Scheduler, to make it easier to view and sort through jobs that are booked in for a number of people who utilise the Formitize account for your business. To do this, there are a number of settings that you can set up. These are found along the bottom of the Scheduler.

Date/Time Settings

These settings are useful in organising the Scheduler so that you can condense the days/times that are viewable so those of your business hours. This keeps the Scheduler tidy so that you do not need to scroll through it more than necessary. 


Filters also allow you to clear up the Scheduler so that you can show or hide Users or User Groups in the Scheduler. Please note, that if you are filtering specific Users, then you will need to type them exactly correct - including upper and lower case lettering where it is required. It must be the name of the User's account. Remember to click on Apply Filter after making any changes.

Job Status Colours

This is fairly straight forward, it allows you the option to change the colour for different jobs statuses.

Job Type Templates

This is a quick way to go straight from the Scheduler to the Job Type Template settings, by clicking on the square beside the Job Type that you would like to edit the settings of. From there, you can edit a Job Type Template however you might need to.

Schedule Content Editor

These settings control what job information you're able to see in the Scheduler View or when you hover over a job. Once you've selected what you do and don't want to see, remember to click Apply to save the settings.

The + symbol in the bottom row can be clicked on to create a new job.

The camera icon will take you to a video that will show you around the Scheduler and what you can do.

The thumbs up at the right side can be selected if you want Confirmed jobs to be highlighted.

The thumbs down will highlight Unconfirmed jobs when selected.

The three lines is the accordion trigger which you can select to hide or show the side bar at the right which lists incomplete, unassigned and recurring job profiles.