With a few steps, you are able to set up a contact and form template so that if there are email addresses attached to a location (rather than the billing contact), the form report will be sent to those when a form is submitted.

1. Create a Custom Variable for Locations. To do this, please refer to the User Guide article: How do I add a Custom Field / Variable? Specifically, how to add a custom variables to a Location.

2. Add the email address information to the newly created custom field. When adding more than one email address, separate each of them from one another with a comma. Remember to Save the Location details.

3. Add the new field for the custom field to the Form Template. To do this, go to the Web Portal > Forms > View Form Templates > select the edit arrow for the required form > Form Builder

In the Form Builder, you will need to make sure that you have the CRM Location element within the form, and that it is connected to the CRM Client element. You will then need to connect the CRM Location element to the form field where you would like the email addresses to be automatically populated when they are added to a location.

This sets up the form so that the field will populate with the information when the location it is attached to is selected in the form (if there is email information in that custom field).

4. Next, you will need to edit or add the Email Action so that the report will be sent to those email addresses when that field has email information in it.

To do this, go to Form Template > Actions > Select the action type Email PDF > Add recipient > Select the Email field from the dropdown > Save Actions.

After this, any new forms that are completed after these changes have been made, will now send the report to the email addresses that are connected to the Locations when the form is Submitted.