The settings for PayNow are managed in the Formitize web portal.Click the Settings cog (1) > Accounts (2) > Invoices - PayNow (3)


You will be able to view the following setting to begin with:

Enable PayNow:

This feature is available for all of our active Formitize accounts. Select 'Yes' to enable PayNow or contact our Support Team if you cannot see the option. 

Check your default payment account:

If you use our Xero or Quickbooks sync functions, double check your Default Payment account is up to date. This sets the account that payments will be allocated to upon sync. This can be found on the same page as the PayNow settings.

Without an option selected here, your PayNow payments will not automatically sync to Xero.

Charge a Processing fee:

Keeping in mind that regulations regarding surcharges are not the same in every region, and are restricted by some, you must make sure that you are aware of what is acceptable / legal in your region before adding a surcharge or processing fee for those customers who use PayNow. Formitize is not responsible if you do not adhere to local regulations.

If you choose to charge a processing fee, you will be required to specify a percentage of the total invoice amount to be added as payment for the PayNow processing fee. In your Formitize settings, you can select an existing account code or create a new one specifically for Stripe/PayNow fees. This way, you can easily track where these fees are being added when payments are processed, ensuring clear and organised financial records.


Send email notifications for online payments to:

If you would like a user (or users) to be notified when a payment as been processed through PayNow, you can add the nominated email address(es) to this field. Separate each email address using a semicolon.