The Share option provides a way to share the invoice link so that any nominated recipient is able to view the invoice with just a click.

For Formitize accounts with our PayNow feature enabled, the invoice page when viewed via. the shared link will also display a payment form. This allows the customer to pay their invoice online with a credit card or mobile wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

In the Web Portal:

There are two share buttons in the invoice. The Share Pay Link will open up a new field with the unique link, as well as Copy and Open buttons. If you click on Copy, then your computer will copy the link to the clipboard, which you can then share with a third party or client so that they can view the invoice in PayNow.

The Share button at the bottom of the invoice page reveals a unique link. Click 'Copy Link' to share this link with your client.

If PayNow is enabled your client can view and pay online:

If PayNow is not enabled, you can still share the link with the client, but they will not be able to pay it online: